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For general question and inquiries, please email us at: [email protected]
St. Thomas and District Minor Baseball Association
PO Box 22057 Elmwood Square
204 First Avenue
St. Thomas, ON
N5R 6A1

Diane WakefieldPresident and for Registration information
Derek BrooksTournament Registrar
Dave BriggsVice President House League
Ryan MorrisonVice President Rep & Select
Jim WakefieldTreasurer
Carrie MironSecretary
Chris WilkinsMember
Stephen MironMember
Jamie JohnstonMember
Tom WatsonMember
Scott BanksMember
Ed JordanMember
Norman SonnenbergMember
Jenn Wakefield LovellMember
Ed ZywczokMember
Michelle WakefieldMember
11U HL - 1. The MufflermanRyan HornickCoach
11U HL - 1. The MufflermanNeal FenlonAsst. Coach5194952263 (c)
11U HL - 1. The MufflermanSandra FenlonAsst. Coach
11U HL - 2. Messenger FreightCarrie SomervilleCoach5196739023 (h)
11U HL - 2. Messenger FreightMatt WheelerCoach
11U HL - 3. Formet IndustriesJamie BogartCoach5194951486 (h)
11U HL - 3. Formet IndustriesJay MontgomeryCoach5193196034 (h)
11U HL - 3. Formet IndustriesFred VigneuxCoach5193196034 (h)
8U Rep- 2015, 2016, 2017Jason EastHead Coach5199320315 (h)
8U Rep- 2015, 2016, 2017Shawn GaudonAsst Coach
8U Rep- 2015, 2016, 2017Adam MillyardAsst Coach
8U Rep- 2015, 2016, 2017Mike WakefieldAsst Coach
9U Rep - 2014Ethan MironHead Coach519-870-1597 (h)
9U Rep - 2014Chris FurtadoAsst Coach
9U Rep - 2014Josh HartmanAsst coach
9U Rep - 2014Andrew QuinAsst Coach
10U Rep - 2013Mike AmbroseHead Coach
10U Rep - 2013Chris GosnellAsst Coach
10U Rep - 2013John FriesenAsst Coach
10U Rep - 2013A J ReedAsst Coach
11U Rep - 2012Kris KewleyHead Coach
11U Rep - 2012Bill O'SullivanAsst Coach
11U Rep - 2012Josh BaleAsst Coach
11U Select - 2012, 2013Chris AndrewsHead Coach
11U Select - 2012, 2013Jason DodgeAsst Coach
11U Select - 2012, 2013Matt RobinsonAsst Coach
11U Select - 2012, 2013Adam ShantzAsst Coach
12U Rep - 2011Mike AmbroseHead Coach
12U Rep - 2011Chris GosnellAsst Coach
12U Rep - 2011John FriesenAsst Coach
12U Rep - 2011Jon MarrAsst Coach
13U Rep - 2010Scott BateHead Coach
13U Rep - 2010Cory MatchimAsst Coach
13U Rep - 2010Steve KellingtonAsst Coach
13U Rep - 2010Jason EastAsst Coach
13U Select - 2010, 2011Jamie JohnstonHead Coach
13U Select - 2010, 2011Pat BoydAsst Coach
13U Select - 2010, 2011Brad CowieAsst Coach
13U Select - 2010, 2011Paul HarrisonAsst Coach
13U Select - 2010, 2011Chris HawesAsst Coach
13U Select - 2010, 2011Ryan MorrisonAsst Coach
18U HL - St Thomas FormetMike TurcotteCoach2262689191 (h)
18U HL - St Thomas FormetChris SmithAsst. Coach5194364721 (c)
15U HL - St Thomas McGregor Auto PartsJeff McGregorCoach519-671-9436 (h)
15U HL - St Thomas McGregor Auto PartsSteve DalyAsst. Coach5192070235 (c)
15U HL - St Thomas McGregor Auto PartsLonnie QuerinAsst. Coach5195669853 (c)
15U HL - St Thomas McGregor Auto PartsKyle StewartAsst. Coach5198515783 (c)
13U HL - 1. The MufflermanJason GroenendykCoach
13U HL - 1. The MufflermanBeth HendersonCoach
14U Rep - 2009Chris WilkinsHead Coach
14U Rep - 2009Tony CircelliAsst Coach
14U Rep - 2009Martin HoudeAsst Coach
14U Rep - 2009Ian OakesAsst Coach
14U Rep - 2009Doug VanVelzerAsst Coach
13U HL - 2. Kinsmen ClubBill BenestCoach519-318-8835 (h)
13U HL - 2. Kinsmen ClubChris FurtadoCoach2269264382 (h)
13U HL - 2. Kinsmen ClubJeanine ToppingCoach5195371503 (h)
13U HL - 3. Centennial Sports ClubJeremy KoetsierCoach
13U HL - 3. Centennial Sports ClubBryan GaudetAsst. Coach4167055323 (c)
13U HL - 4. Talbot Trail OptimistsAaron ApfelbeckCoach5196399170 (h)
13U HL - 4. Talbot Trail OptimistsSean StroybergAsst. Coach5198546534 (c)
11U HL - 4. Talbot Trail OptimistsMike KeaysCoach2266887216 (h)
11U HL - 4. Talbot Trail OptimistsDevin LandonCoach5198596150 (h)
15U Rep - 2008Ryan MorrisonHead Coach
15U Rep - 2008Derek BrooksAssistant Coach
15U Rep - 2008Tom WatsonAssistant Coach
15U Rep - 2008Rob AtchisonPitching Coach
15U Rep - 2008Mark RamsayGame Day Operations
15U Select - 2008, 2009Brian HolmesHead Coach
15U Select - 2008, 2009Paul AllerstonAsst Coach
15U Select - 2008, 2009James MorrowAsst Coach
15U Select - 2008, 2009Kevin RutkauskasAsst Coach
15U Select - 2008, 2009Ben VanHuigenbosAsst Coach
18U Rep - 2005, 2006, 2007Stephen MironHead Coach
18U Rep - 2005, 2006, 2007Jeff KeaysAsst Coach
18U Rep - 2005, 2006, 2007Adam NelsonAsst Coach
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