House League (St. Thomas Minor Baseball)

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5U TBALL - (turns age 4 or 5 in the playing year) 
This program will introduce the basics of baseball.  The 5 key elements of the game are developed at this level -- hitting, throwing, catching, running and fielding in a FUN environment.  There are some rules introduced at this level, umpires are not present at the games, and the score is not kept.  Parental involvement is a must to keep the game moving along.  Games are played on Wednesdays and Fridays for approximately 1 hour at the Centennial Sports Club Minor Baseball Complex.  Games start at 6:15 p.m.   The season begins mid-May and continued until mid-August.  Players are supplied with a hat and a t-shirt.  They may wear shorts or pants, and of course, please dress them appropriately for the weather (sweaters, if necessary).  

7U JUNIOR ROOKIE - (turns age 6 or 7 in the playing year) AND 9U SENIOR ROOKIE - (turns age 8 or 9 in the playing year) Following Baseball Ontario standards, rookie ball is an important development step as players progress from TBall to baseball.  With the aid of a pitching machine, players learn to hit the moving baseball.  Batters will be given 5 pitches to hit the ball.  Score is not kept each game and standings are not maintained.  Players will further develop defensive skills and team skills in rookie ball.  Games are played 2 nights per week on Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:15 p.m for approximately 1-1/2 hours at the Centennial Sports Club Minor Baseball Complex.  The league starts mid-May and continues until mid-August.  A playoff tournament takes place at the end of the season. 

11U MOSQUITO (turns AGE 10 or 11 in the playing year), 13U PEEWEE (turns AGE 12 or 13 in the playing year), 15U BANTAM (AGES 14 AND 15), AND 18U MIDGET (AGES 16 TO 18)
These levels participate in the London and District Local League program unless we have enough players to form a league in St Thomas at that division.  Teams play one home game and one away game each week along with one practice.  In these divisions, most official baseball rules are used.  All games are umpired by certified umpires.   Game nights vary each week.  Mosquito plays the majority of their home games at the Sauve baseball diamonds and Peewee play the majority of their home games at New York Central.  Bantam and Midget play their home games at Emslie Field in Pinafore Park or at Cardinal Field at the Centennial Sports Club Minor Baseball Complex.