5U (TBall) Rules (St. Thomas Minor Baseball)

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  1. Infield consists of Pitcher, 1st Base, 2nd base, shortstop, 3rd Base. All others play outfield.  A volunteer coach will be "the catcher" in order to speed the game up.
  2. For safety, outfield must stay at least 10 feet outside the base path (Off the gravel of the infield). Infielders must play no closer than approximately 1 step inside the baseline. Do not block the base path.
  3. Each batter is allowed 5 swings of the bat to hit the ball (absolute maximum). The coach is to assist the player in hitting a ball in play on the 5th swing.
  4. A ball coming from the infield or outfield is to be returned to the defensive team 'catcher' to end the play.  Runners should generally be taking one base on a hit in the infield, and 2 bases on a hit to the outfield (the "10 foot" line beyond the infield) if the opportunity to advance exists.
  5. If a defensive player touches a fair ball before it crosses the 25 foot arch, the play is dead and the batter automatically advances to 1st base.
  6. Balls hit or popped up within the 25 foot arch (and are not touched by a defensive player) are dead balls and count as a strike.
  7. A foul on the 5th pitch is an out (so hit it fair coach).
  8. Any attempt to bunt is an out.
  9. The inning is over when all players on the team have batted once. The offensive team must indicate to the umpire when the "last batter" is up - yell "last batter". All runners and the batter continue to run until an out is made (i.e caught fly ball, force at any base or at home).
  10. There is no infield fly rule.
  11. Runners must return to their base on a caught fly ball.
  12. The fielding team should have up to 2 coaches (and parent helpers) on the field (preferably outside the infield).  More coaches are allowed.
  13. Overthrow lines (dead area) are 10 feet along 1st and 3rd bases and behind home plate or the fencing on the gravel diamond.
  14. No tagging, all plays are force outs.
  15. If a runner advances more than half way to a base, the runner is committed to the base and cannot go back.
  16. The player who is called out (5 strikes) must leave the field. If 5th strike is called a 6th or 7th swing is not allowed. This will encourage the basic skill development of the game and will keep the game moving along.