Umpires (St. Thomas Minor Baseball)

SOME UMPIRE INFORMATION - Please read as it should answer all questions.

It is best that an umpire is turning 11 or older within the playing year.   

All umpires wishing to umpire must take both an online clinic (approx 2 hours) and an in-person camp (4 hours).   They can work at their own speed for the online portion but it must be completed before the in-person camp. The umpire must attend the entire in-person camp, and are not permitted to leave early for other events, or they will not be granted their level.   For the 2024 season, the cost to take the Level 1 clinic is $25 and the cost to take the Level 2 clinic is $45.   Once you start in program, you must take the Level 1 for 2 years, and the Level 2 for 3 years.  

All umpires must download the Ontario Baseball OnDeck App.  Register as an umpire and then when the online portion appears, complete it, and register for an in-person camp.   Please note that you can take any in-person camp in the province.  There will be a few in the London/St Thomas area so you don't specifically have to take the St Thomas clinic.   There is no other way to register for a clinic than through the App, so please don't ask STMBA to do it for you.  An email will be sent to you once you are accepted as registered and then you may e-transfer the clinic/camp fee stated above.

STMBA will be hosting 2 additional umpire days (a couple of hours each) to go over some information perhaps not covered in the clinic, and to answer questions.   It is highly recommended that Level 1s for sure attend, and that Level 2s consider it.  These dates will be in April and an email will be sent out and the dates will be posted here.  Dates are April 20 and 27.  There is a form under the UMPIRE tab on the website to complete if you plan on attending.   

Umpire clothing for first year umpires is a plain black golf shirt, a plain black hat, and grey dress pants.  The umpire will need to purchase an indicator (to keep track of balls and strikes) and a ball bag.  STMBA has a few umpire face masks that we loan out to first year umpires, but we do not have enough for umpires going into their second and subsequent years. 

Umpires are paid monthly, usually within 7 days after the end of a month.  An email is sent out stating that cheques are ready for pickup.  Usually someone will have them at the Wednesday or Friday house league games at Sauve.