Sponsorship (St. Thomas Minor Baseball)


St. Thomas Minor Baseball invites you to support the continued development of youth baseball in our community by offering financial sponsorship. We are a non profit organization proud to be known for developing team skills, building leadership skills, fostering technical skill development, and most importantly having fun. We count on sponsorship to assist in the growth and expansion of baseball and supplement the cost of individual baseball player registration of the more that 450 young athletes participating each year. Sponsorship assists with such costs as equipment, uniforms, tournaments, umpires, fields and facilities on a season by season basis. Player registration fees and fundraising by the teams and the league pay for a portion of the costs each year.

Along with the above mentioned sponsorship opportunities, we are asking for your support for the 2016 baseball season by donating funds toward the sponsorship of our house league programs such as our rally cap skills day or awards. Also, our league is raising funds for specific equipment needs such as drop in peg bases and training equipment.

Our league, on an ongoing basis, undertakes field improvements to both Emslie Field and New York Central Ball Parks. Currently, we have partnered with the City of St. Thomas to complete the renovation of the Washroom Building at New York Central (completed in 2014).  The renovation included a complete renovation to the washrooms, making them accessible, a ramp around the building, and a concession area.   Total cost of the project was $65,000.  We then partnered with the City for the retrofit of the New York Central lights.  Total project cost was $205,000 ....Minor Baseball contributed $25,000 to this project.  The project was completed in the fall of 2015.   The next project we are working on is the build of a new baseball diamond at the Sauve Ave site.   Minor Baseball has pledged $100,000 towards this project.  Completion, once approved, is expected for late summer of 2016.

Cheques should be issued to:

St. Thomas Minor Baseball Association
PO Box 22057
Elmwood Square
St. Thomas, ON N5R 6A1

We hope that you are interested in seeing the continued growth and development of minor baseball in St. Thomas, and will assist in our sponsorship needs. If you require receipts or invoices, we will be more than happy to provide them.

Sponsorship Donation Packages


Tournament Division Sponsorship

Sponsors receive priority for a fence banner provided by the business and advertising or coupons, if provided will be handed out to all participants. As well, each trophy will read "sponsored by ________".

Baseball Clinic Sponsorship
Sponsors will receive priority for a fence banner advertising the business.

House League Team Sponsorship
This is a program that we offer for players in 4 divisions of both house league and competitive that allows them to participate in a skills development day at The Centennial Sports Club Minor Baseball Complex. Your sponsorship will go toward awards and prizes for the day. Also you will have priority to a fence banner.

Equipment and Training
No fixed $
This sponsorship opportunity will support the ongoing upkeep of baseball equipment and toward purchasing more superior training equipment for our players.


Emslie Field Improvements

This project will see a new pitchers mound built as well as new turf being laid in some areas of the infield. Also, base paths will be rescoped, edging will be completed and improvements will be made to grand stand area

New York Central Light Retrofit
$150,000 (completed)
This project will be a major retrofit of lighting at New York Central.  The current lights are a half a century old.   This project will be the final piece of the New York Park Revitalization project, which saw the infield being grassed in, red clay basepaths, new bases, improved fencing and dugouts, updated accessible washrooms and concession area...



Construction of a new regulation ball field at the Centennial Sports Club Minor Baseball Complex
Grand Slam Sponsorship             $50,000.00
Home Run Sponsorship $10,000.00
Triple Level Sponsorship $5000.00
Double Level Sponsorship $2500.00
Single Level Sponsorship $1000.00


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